Hello, I’m an Engineering Director from Barcelona, Spain.

I manage engineering departments and the interaction of other business units with them. I'm involved in business thinking, commercial/RFI/RFP, customer meetings, and many more.

At the engineering director level, I take care of the people, enhancing the profile retention and changing the strategy to hire new engineers.

At the project/product level, I plan and direct all aspects of engineering activities and projects within planning, and also I ensure all developments, initiatives, and processes are in conformance with a good development lifecycle and well organized. The main technologies that I’ve worked with are NodeJS, PHP, and several other technologies like Elasticsearch, Redis, MySQL and Docker.

I like challenges and nice environments. I am a very business focused professional and I'm up for everything. My ideal job would be a company which has a nice product (or at least aims for it) and we can plan the journey, with features, roadmaps, and a logical planning to beat the market!

In my free time, I'm an official CPO (Chief Party Officer) and I organize all kinds of events for myself and my colleagues.


NodeJS, Angular 2, PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

System Administration

Linux & Windows server administration


Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC & Indesign CC

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september 2013 -
juni 2014
IES – SEP Mare de Déu de la Mercè
Web Development High-Level Technical Degree

Web development in client side (JavaScript, JQuery). Web development in server side (PHP, AJAX). Design & development of web interfaces (CSS3 & PHP). Web Project Management...

september 2010 -
june 2013
IES – SEP Mare de Déu de la Mercè
System Administration High-Level Technical Degree

Planning and managing networks. Implementation and management of Operating Systems. Markup Language and information management systems. Administration & management of systems databases. Implementation of web applications (PHP). Network and Internet Services....

april 2012 -
may 2012
Cibernàrium Edifici MediaTIC
Development of applications for facebook

Developing applications for facebook. Picking info from our fans. Related tools for facebook programming...

september 2012 -
november 2012
Cibernàrium Edifici MediaTIC
Web Development Tools

Presentation of different tools for web developing. Plugins and Options. Related tools...

september 2008 -
june 2010
Bemen 3
Computer System Management Medium-Level Technical Degree

Installation and maintenance of LAN services. Installation and maintenance of computers and systems. Implementation and maintenance of office and corporate applications. Markup Language and information management systems. Working with office applications and corporate databases. Installation and maintenance of Internet services. Operating systems in single-user and multi-user environments....

Work experience

january 2022 -
june 2022
( caravelo (
Director of Engineering

Leading the engineering department with a team of 16 engineers. Stablishing core values in terms of engineering good practices & organisational. Managing customers (only big accounts). Participating in the business side of the product (compliances, technical documentation). Developing an employee retention culture. Participating into software design & architecture decisions. Stablishing technical debt priorisation & roadmap. Hiring and creating new teams. Developing new internal...

june 2021 -
december 2021
Software Development Manager

Leading a team of 7 developers. Acting as a product owner and scrum master. Reviewing PR’s and code quality. Doing feature estimations & roadmaps....

april 2020 -
march 2021
Visyon (Mediapro)
Technical Web Director

Leading the Web department. Implementing organisational & development best practices. Leading a team of 10 developers. Acting as a product owner & quality manager within external suppliers. Leading the devOps strategy & implementing guidelines. In charge of the technical side of more than 15 projects simultaneously. Doing project estimations & roadmaps. In charge of the...

november 2018 -
march 2020
Sopra Steria
Senior Software Developer Team Lead

Development in NodeJS (w/ Typescript, Elasticsearch, Postgres, Redis). Development in PHP 7 (Drupal 8, PHP7 Stock). Leading a team of 7 people. In charge of the Sysadmins department (ubuntu & centOS). Working in Azure (Serverless) & Amazon AWS. Using tools like Jira, Bitbucket, Git, Confluence...

april 2018 -
november 2018
Sopra Steria
Senior Software Developer

Developing with PHP 7 in CMS (Drupal 8). Co-leading the Web department. Developing NodeJS, JavaScript & Typescript. In charge of the DevOps department (ubuntu & centOS). Working in Azure (Serverless) & Amazon AWS. Using Agile (Jira) and documentation done in Confluence...

november 2017 -
february 2018
Eoniantec S.L.
Web Developer

Mainly developing in pure PHP and using frameworks such as Codeigniter and Smarty. Participating in the marketing department with campaign innovation. Creating online chatbots to help with client affiliation. Developing online marketing strategies to affiliate more users....

february 2017 -
july 2017
Deutsche Telefon Standard AG
Web Developer & SysAdmin

Main focus in technologies such NodeJS (With express, ReactiveX, Angular 2, Grunt and Redis). Development of REST API's, adding features to other projects in PHP5. Database administration (MySQL, Redis & MariaDB databases). System administrator (Linux server, CentOS7)....

february 2015 -
january 2017
Brandmonks GmbH
Web Developer & Designer

Programming and adding features to various projects. Development, design and maintenance of WordPress websites. Leading the advertising innovation squad. Design of flyers, advertising and online marketing (Adobe Suite CC). Development and design of customised software (Laravel 5, PHP, NodeJS). Database administrator (MySQL databases). System administrator (Linux and windows servers)....

april 2014 -
may 2014
3! Werbeagentur
Web Developer & Designer

Programming and design of magazine website. Reparation and collaboration for Wordpress projects. Installation, maintenance and customization of Wordpress websites. Integration and development of Social Networks inside the Agency. Collaboration to web and advertising innovation. Collaboration with designs (Photoshop CC & Indesign CC)....

september 2011 -
august 2013
Inmobiliaria VENDOPOR
Web Developer & System Administrator

Maintenance of the company computers. Development and maintenance of web pages HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. Installation, maintenance and customization of Wordpress website. Installation and maintenance of Mailing servers (PHPlist). Leader of online projects and advertising innovation. In charge of sales and services online....


What I do

Your website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan All other marketing materials should support drive traffic to your website.
I work with you to develop a user experience which delivers value to your audience. Value means repeat visits and referrals via social media and other channels. Using my years of experience and research, my web design and development solutions are customized to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.
Do you need a logo for your small business or organization? Or perhaps your business is in need of an entirely new look? You've come to the right place, I design logos and create new identities for businesses of all types. Check out our my portfolio below and contact me for more information on how I can help you with your companies branding.
You've got the perfect website. Now what? I can work a little magic known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will help drive traffic your way. I’ve got a full bag of tricks to market your site and drum up your business.
Social Media tools are easily accessed and abundant making them popular but also misunderstood. Proper planning is still required. The use of tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can enhance your marketing efforts, with your website acting as your central marketing hub. The content posted with these tools can also be integrated into Blogs and RSS feeds, automatically streamlining your content development efforts.
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Barcelona (Spain)

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